Journey of Self Discovery in the First Month of Creative Exploration

Art journaling is a powerful tool for self-discovery and creativity. Through the process of putting pen to paper and exploring different mediums, we can tap into our inner thoughts and emotions, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Today I’ll share my personal journey of art journaling over the past month, and how it has helped me unlock new insights about myself and my creativity. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.

Find your creative outlet and connect with your inner self through art journaling. Read about my first month journey. #ArtJournalingAdventure #PersonalGrowthThroughArt #SelfExpressionThroughCreativity

The Good

The best part of my first month was definitely trying new mediums and techniques. Whether it was exploring paper art creations, watercolors, or experimenting with different pens, it was really fun not to mention rewarding! It felt like every time I tried something new, I discovered a hidden talent or uncovered a style that had been inside me all along. This feeling of discovery has definitely kept me motivated to keep going for another ninety days!

Find your voice and tap into your creativity through art journaling. Read about my first month experience. #ArtJournalingTips #SelfReflection #PersonalGrowth

The Bad

Unfortunately, there were some things that didn’t quite go as planned in my first thirty days. For instance, there were times when I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work that had to be done in order to complete each page in my art journal. Even though it was exciting to try new mediums and techniques, it also felt like a lot of pressure at times – especially when I wasn’t sure if what I was doing would turn out right or not.

Discover the power of self-expression through art journaling. Read about my journey in the first month. #ArtJournaling #SelfDiscovery #CreativeExpression

The Ugly

As much as I love exploring new mediums and techniques, one thing that hasn’t been working so well for me is staying organized. One week, in particular, stands out – not only did it take me longer than usual to finish each page because of all the different elements involved, but when everything was finished, everything looked completely unorganized and messy! It took a lot more time than usual to clean up after myself and start fresh for the next day’s project.

Embrace your inner artist and join me on my journey of self-discovery through art journaling. #ArtJournalingJourney #Creativity #SelfExpression


Overall, my first month of art journaling has been both challenging and rewarding – from discovering hidden talents within myself to learning from mistakes I made along the way.

In order for this experience to continue being beneficial for me during months two through four (days 31-120), however, it’ll be important for me to stay organized and prepared ahead of time so that overwhelming feelings don’t hinder my progress or creativity again!

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Discover the power of self-expression through art journaling. Read about my journey in the first month. #ArtJournaling #SelfDiscovery #CreativeExpression

To make this a little bit easier I like to track and plan my days using Google Sheets. Since I already like to number all of my artwork thankfully this part comes naturally to me. I also thought in advance about what patterns, designs, and experimenting I would like to try. I have to admit, just planning a little bit has made me feel so much more relaxed.

Here’s wishing everyone else taking part in this art routine challenge luck too – you got this!

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  1. After looking at this, I wish, I could draw but just don’t have that skills but i love to admire beautiful creation like this one. It’s an amazing work, keep it up 😉

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