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Welcome to my creative haven! Dive into my art portfolio and discover a world of inspiration.

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Meet the Artist

Linda Zahora-Cathcart

Hi! I’m Linda, the vibrant soul behind the colorful canvas of The Summery Umbrella! With a design style bursting with hues, whimsy, and a touch of nature’s magic, I love to bring life to illustrations and patterns that dance across gifts, home decor, fabric, wallpaper, and, of course, DIY projects through my blog!

After serving 8 years in the U.S. Air Force, my journey took a colorful turn as I rediscovered my passion for art and creativity. Surprisingly enough my military background, though unexpected, seamlessly intertwines with my artistic process, adding depth and discipline to my craft. Yet, creativity knows no bounds, and sometimes, it’s all about embracing the messiness of the moment!

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Creative Process

It all starts with my humble sketchpad and trusty pencil, where ideas begin to take shape in their rawest form. With each stroke and line, I breathe life into my creations, infusing them with a burst of color that ignites their essence. From the delicate washes of watercolor to the bold strokes of marker, every medium adds its own magic to the mix.

But it doesn’t stop there – I love to experiment with unexpected elements like collage and crayon, pushing the boundaries of traditional artistry and even exploring digital avenues.

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