Deliciously Refreshing: Crafting the Perfect Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe

These creamy cucumber sandwiches are perfect not only for snacking but also for baby showers and other events where finger foods are a must!

cucumber sandwiches

Hello, my hungry readers,

Don’t you just love food that is miniature and bite-sized?! I do because it makes me feel like I can eat more with less guilt. Today, I am showing you this super simple recipe for creamy cucumber sandwiches. The crisp, cool taste of the cucumber balances with the richness of the cream cheese.

All of my friends beg for these sandwiches, therefore, every single ladies’ night, bridal shower, and birthday features multiple trays full of this bite-sized awesomeness! These little beauties make us feel “fancy”, but my version is by no means perfect or refined. You can add this to your entertaining menu; it’s quick and easy, and only takes about 15 minutes!

Itty, Bitty, Creamy Cucumber Sandwiches Just For You!


  • Baguette Rounds (or slice a loaf into rounds)
  • 1 box Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • 1-2 Seedless Cucumbers (my preference)
  • 1 pkg. Italian Dressing dry mix

Back home, my local grocery store carried French and multi-grain baguette rounds. But where I live now apparently doesn’t have them! I searched the bakery at multiple stores, no luck. Sigh. So, I sliced my rounds from a baguette.

First, mix the cream cheese and Italian dressing dry mix in a bowl.


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Spread the mixture on both sides of bread, add a slice of cucumber (or 2 depending on the size of the bread), and then put the sandwiches together and Bon Appetit!

*Tip: Make extra because you will want to eat a lot! 🙂

easy sandwiches for baby showers

The next time you entertain or have a pitch in, I hope you try this recipe! I promise everyone will love that you made them, and you can even pair them out with this festive corn dip to really have the crowd in love!

Keep Calm and Cook On,


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