DIY Fern Art for Any Room of the House

diy fern art

Create a beautiful piece of work with this super, simple DIY Fern Art tutorial. All you need is a few basic materials!

You know, DIY projects sometimes can be a little trying. Maybe even borderline super-duper-extremely-why-in-the-halibut-did-I-try-this-one-out, but I can you promise this. Today’s project is neither of these conundrums. Isn’t that a fun word?

So, short story. When I was living in Tampa, Florida (back in my active duty Air Force days) I used to drink a little bit of wine. OK, ok. Who am I joking? A lot bit. 😉

Anyways, a few of my friends and I used to go to this great little place called Total Wine & More.

And let me tell you. They had a few bottles. We used to purposedly look for the most unusual and interesting names just to see if they lived up to their reputation. One of my favorites… go figure… was Conundrum. Soooo yummy.

Ohhh… the good ol’ easy days.

Which of course brings me back to how easyyyyy this project is.

DIY Fern Art for Any Room of the House

Basically, all you’re doing is drying this beautiful fern (or whatever plant life you choose), and after a month or two–viola! This gorgeous DIY Fern Art piece is ready and willing to do as you command.

Not sure how to dry and press plant life? No worries! Check out this DIY Flower Press tutorial that I created back in June.

As you can see below, here is the end result of my pressed fern that is absolutely stunning and ready for action!

Technically if you would prefer, you can most definitely glue your plant life to a piece of cardboard, cardstock, etc, but I found that it’s not necessary from my previous trials and tribulations.

Just simply lay your plant life on the glass piece and then gently place the backside on top. Pretty easy, right?

Looking for more inspiring DIY projects?

You know me. I LOVE to keep it simple and most definitely have to use nature in any way that I can. Isn’t this just the prettiest thing around? And how easy was that? It’ll probably take you more time to figure out which frame to use than to actually put your fern within it!

Now, go on my little DIY wizards! Find yourself some flowers, leaves and other random bits of nature, and have yourself a very, merry end of July kind of a weekend 😉

Linda Zahora-Cathcart The Summery Umbrella

Pssttt…. Don’t forget to check out my DIY projects page chocked full of DIY and decorating goodness!

Inspiration is coming your way! Ever wondered what you could do with that old table you have lying around? Well, turn it into a wood tilt out trash can!

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    1. They are so pretty aren’t they? One of these days I would love to have an entire collection of them! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Julie 🙂 I too was very amazed how vibrant the leaves still are after … three or four months (I forget!). Nature is awesome!

  1. I am in search mode for art projects to complete and display with my two and a half year old toddler. This is a great variety to add to the finger painting and mod podge mix. And, I am always looking for ways to bring nature inside. Thanks for the idea. I’ll be pinning this for later reference!

  2. So simple but so pretty, might have to go for a walk in the park this week to see what I can find or I wonder if some lavender from the garden would work…

    1. Lavender sounds amazing, Samantha! That is such a great idea and I bet herbs in general would look great too 🙂

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