Say Goodbye to Your Linen Closet Door: Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Open Storage

Discover why removing your linen closet door can actually help you stay more organized. Today’s post is full of tips and tricks so you can get organized too!

Discover the benefits of ditching your linen closet door! An open concept offers better organization, easier access, and a more streamlined look. Check out these 5 reasons why you should remove your linen closet door and embrace open storage. #linenstorage #opencloset #closetorganization #homeimprovement #storagesolutions #homedecorideas #smallspaceliving

You’re probably thinking… is she serious? Why on Earth would someone want to show the entire world all of the craziness that you’ve stored away inside of a linen closet? She’s absolutely lost it.

You’re right. I have lost it. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need anymore. And you know what?

It feels gooddddddddddd! 🙂

On a normal and typical day, my linen closet looks like the below picture with its door closed. Everything is tucked and hidden away.


5 Reasons I Got Rid of My Linen Closet Door

Reason 1: 

I really hate this door. It sticks, it’s clumsy and has been painted one too many times.

However, if you open that bad boy up… you better have your crash helmet on for your own protection! Plus, once revealed you will find unneeded and unwanted treasures that I have not used in years.

linen closet organization

Pretty scary stuff, huh?

In fact, I absolutely hated going into this closet because I was beyond mortified by the cluster of untidiness. At one point I bought baskets to assist with the craziness, but now they just aid the cause even more.

hallway closet

Reason 2: 

There’s no order or any type of organization. Keeping the doors will only hinder this process.

organize your closet

Reason 3: 

I can no longer hide items that should be thrown or given away.

After I yanked out all of my  “goodies” and sorted out what I wanted to keep, I soon realized that the state of this closet was quite disgusting. A paint job was definitely needed!

linen closet makeover

5 Reasons I Got Rid of My Linen Closet Door

Reason 4: 

Let’s be honest. There is no way I would have ever painted this ugly closet if I left the doors on. As you can see, there is even maroon paint still leftover from a few paint jobs ago! Yup–the doors have gotta go.

Originally I was just going to paint the closet white. White is clean and simple. However, then I wouldn’t want to show off this amazing closet makeover, and I’d just keep the doors.

Reason 5: 

I wanted to show off this piece of work. No point in making something look pretty if you’re just going to toss it behind some doors. If you got it, flaunt it!

I decided that since the guest bathroom is right next door I’d use the same color to bring a little bit of cohesiveness to the area, but then also have a little bit of a popping factor as well.

paint a closet

After I had finished painting the closet I couldn’t believe that:

1.) the difference the paint had already made, and

2.) How dingy the hallway looked.

So of course, I had to paint the hallway!

hallway makeover

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Since everything was getting a nice, fresh coat of paint I also gave the shelves a quick swipe to enhance their bling factor.

diy shelves

 Doesn’t it look amazing already?!?

painting linen closet
bathroom closet

Last, but not least, I repurposed a few of these baskets from this old metal cart that I wanted to get rid of anyways.

Linen Closet Organization Products


And now, the final touches!

Doesn’t it just sing to you? It’s like I can hear the closet humming to itself now because it knows it’s bright and shiny and on display.

closet makeover
closet redo
organize your closet
closet organization
closets galore

5 Reasons I Got Rid of My Linen Closet Door

It’s so nice to have another project under my belt, and looks more like my own style! One down… many, many more to go 🙂

Have a wonderful week, and see you next time!

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This post was updated in April 2022.

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  1. What a brave woman to take off those doors? If only I could master keeping mine organized. It just seems like that one place where I can stuff everything I haven’t quite found a place for yet. It is on my to do list to get it in order, so hopefully one day.

    1. Hi Crystal! I have to admit.. it was a little intimidating, but I seriously couldn’t be happier with this choice. I still walk by this closet and smile because it’s just so darn clean and perfect now! Good luck with your master closet. That’s definitely one of my next tasks! 🙂

  2. This looks so awesome, the color is great, it just pops, and with the new white paint it just looks so clean and springy! Great job. We don’t have a linen closet, but if we did this would be what I would do. Love it! Great job, as always!

    1. You are too kind! this is definitely one of my all time favorite colors. Kind of beachy, kind of springy and just kinda… awesome! However, I must be a little crazy because I’m actually going to do this same kind of thing with my master bedroom closet. I think me and doors just have a mutual hatred for each other. I’m just not a fan of them!

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