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Crafting Joy: Design Your Own DIY Marigold Seed Packet for a Special Gift

Infuse warmth with a personalized touch! Learn how to create a DIY marigold seed packet, a unique gift idea that blossoms with love.

Gift nature's beauty with a DIY marigold seed packet! Create a heartfelt present that blooms joyfully. 🌼🎁 #DIYGiftIdeas #GardeningCrafts

I absolutely LOVE to plant flowers and watch them grow. Sometimes I will buy the starter plants, but what I truly enjoy is seeing these little beauties sprout from seeds. There’s just something about watching a seed grow from the tiniest of specimens into a gorgeous green beanstalk with the prettiest of blooms.

However, I’m always so sad when it’s the end of the season and the plants are dying off leaving behind their legacy in the form of a darkened stem.

That’s when I decided to stop this vicious cycle by collecting the seeds of my favorite flowers to ensure that I will always be able to enjoy their family heirs time after time.

{Marigold Seed Packet Instant Download}

Don't waste your marigold seeds from those gorgeous blooms you saw this fall! Save the seeds for next season in this cute marigold seed packet that can also be used as a gift for your favorite gardener.

Make Your Own Unique DIY Marigold Seed Packet

Currently, my flower of choice to start this adventure with is the deliciously well-known specimen known as the marigold.

marigold seeds

Materials Needed:


  • First things first, I used an old, mesh-like jewelry bag to store my pollinated flower blooms.
  • I cut them off of the plan and then allowed my blooms to dry out in the bag naturally.
mesh jewelry bag
  • Then, print out this instant download (link at the top of the page), follow the directions, and glue it all together.
  • After the bloom has dried I can separate the seeds out and put them into my seed packet for next year or even for gifts.
cardstock paper

Make Your Own Unique DIY Marigold Seed Packet (Terrific Gift Idea!)

Super easy, right? So, get to printing out a few of these marigold seed packet beauties! You’ll instantly have a great stocking stuffer for some of your gardening-loving friends! Or just keep them for yourself for when the weather starts warming up next season.

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diy seed packet

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