5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Every Home Chef


You won’t want to miss out on this post! Find out which 5 basic kitchen tools you can’t live without, and which ones you need to buy NOW.

Hi Friends!

Everything around here has been a little crazy the past week with traveling and work! Sometimes I find it difficult to balance the quadrillion things on my to-do list, the ideas in my head, and my expectations for myself. Do you ever feel that way?

Although I have been overworked and stressed, I am super happy that a much-needed break is coming and I will be able to write all the posts I’ve so badly been wanting to get out of my brain this summer!! So, today I am sharing with you 5 basic kitchen tools you can’t live without.

5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Every Home Chef

This includes pieces of kitchenware, tools, and gadgets (whatever you want to call them) that are essential to cooking. Let me clarify that these are not all of the items you need to bake, just to cook πŸ™‚

First, you need a large skillet that is deep and has a lid. When I say large, I mean a 12″ skillet. This item alone will change your life. You can sautee’ vegetables, cook all meats, make sauces, etc. Literally, you can use it for everything.

Next, you need a pot, a lid isn’t necessary, but it’s nice to have. A 4 qt. pot is the perfect size for boiling water for pasta … and for making Rose Water (remember that post?!)


Third, KNIVES. Below is some of my knives. I will tell you that you don’t need all of these knives, but you do need a good chopping knife, serrated knife, and paring knife. Three knives, that’s it. My collection varies, different brands, different colors, mix it up!


This is a colander, some may call it a strainer. This isn’t just for draining pasta water, use this for rinsing all fresh fruits and vegetables or any canned foods.


Last, but certainly not least … the “tools”. Spatulas, whisks, and spoons. Basically you can’t cook without these tools. I use bamboo spoons and silicone spatulas, both seem to hold up better than cheap plastic. You can do anything on a stovetop or in a pot with these sweet little gadgets!


There is so much kitchen ware to choose from, it can be overwhelming. You would be shocked if you saw my entire kitchen collection! But even though I have a massive amount of kitchen supplies, I only use the basics on a regular basis. So, for those of you who don’t know where to start or don’t know what to choose from, all you need are these 5 basic kitchen tools to be an efficient cook. πŸ™‚

 Keep Calm and Cook On,


Psstt… Did you see last week’s Farmer’s Pasta recipe? So yummy!

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    1. Hi Eugen!
      Thank you for reading and I’m happy you enjoyed the post! Three of the knives pictured are from Pampered Chef and the others were purchased over the years or given as gifts from places like Kohls, Target, or a specialty cooking store. I have had the majority of my knives for YEARS!! A great knife will last a very long time!

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