Refreshing Herbal Hair Rinse for Hard Water

Does your hair feel dry and brittle due to your hard water? Try this herbal hair rinse to bring back your beautiful and shiny hair!

Does your hair feel dry and brittle due to your hard water? Try this herbal hair rinse to bring back your beautiful and shiny hair!

Do you have hard water? Maybe even blonde hair? Do you find your hair growing dull, dry and maybe even slightly orangish sometimes? Don’t worry. I feel your pain!

It’s awesome having your own well, but like with anything there is always a negative with the positive. I grew up with hard water during my teenage years, and had no idea why my hair would get so dry and disgusting.

In fact, I used to get a “malibu” (apparently this is just an Indiana term for using the Malibu hair product to remove all of this stuff) every few months just to get rid of the awful build-up that would be left on my hair.

Thankfully 15+ years later they actually have products you can buy yourself to fix this issue, but sometimes they can get a bit pricey. Not to mention, I honestly don’t feel like they all work, but that’s just me!

Refreshing Herbal Hair Rinse for Hard Water

So, what do I do to avoid this build-up now that I have hard water again?

I use an amazing (and ridiculously easy!) herbal hair rinse.

Since I use it on a weekly basis (usually on Sunday nights after I shampoo my hair–TMI–I know 😉 I like to make big batches of it.

Ok, enough small talk. This is what you need:

  • apple cider vinegar
  • fresh sage leaves (I use about half of this container)
  1. Bring 6 cups of apple cider vinegar with your fresh sage to a boil.
  2. As soon as it starts to boil immediately turn it off, put in a safe location and let it infuse overnight
  3. Remove your sage leaves with a strainer
  4. Last, store in a container with a tight lid.
  5. For use, I typically use 1/2 to 3/4 cup each time depending on how yucky my hair feels.

Tip: Bring a container into the shower with you that has enough room for you to add a little bit of warm water to the mixture. Trust me on this one! It’ll be a shocker to your scalp if you just pour it right on.


That’s it, folks! Just remember, this mixture only lasts approximately 3-4 months. I usually have used it all by then, but just in case you don’t need it as often keep this timeframe in mind.

Note: Vinegar is known for drying out your ends so make sure to use a good conditioner after you use this mixture. Also, I don’t recommend using it more than once a week.

One More Note: Another great natural product to use is rose water. My partner in crime Danielle, covers the amazing benefits in her tutorial How to Make Rose Water just in case you happen to have a few roses on hand!

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    1. Hi Jane! The smell isn’t too bad. It definitely has a vinegar aroma, but I found that it quickly faded away after my hair was completely dry. Not sure if you could buy it anywhere, but it’s soooo simple to make!

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