Craft Your Own Fun: DIY Drawstring Pencil Bag Adventure!

Craft a DIY drawstring pencil bag with old jeans! Organize your supplies in style. A crafting adventure for a functional masterpiece.

Upcycled pink jeans drawstring pencil bag with ribbon tie.

I’m so thrilled to share my latest obsession – the DIY drawstring pencil bag! Picture this: I’m gearing up for a family vacation, and the realization hits me – I need a perfect bag for my pens, pencils, and Ava’s crayons. No store-bought solution, of course. So, here comes the crafting superhero in me, ready to transform a pair of old pink jeans into a nifty drawstring bag.


Let’s Dive into the Crafty World of DIY Drawstring Pencil Bags

First things first, I laid out my pens, pencils, markers, and Ava’s crayons on a pair of pink jeans. A quick snip with my trusty scissors, and I had the fabric ready. No rocket science, just DIY magic at play.

Handmade craft pouch for organizing pens, pencils, and markers.

Now, the sewing adventure begins. Full disclosure – I’m not a sewing wizard, just a passionate DIY enthusiast. With a sewing machine, I closed up the pants leg, nothing fancy, just pure functional crafting.

A Splash of Creativity – Adding the Drawstring

Decision time! Inside or outside for the drawstring? It’s your call! I opted to turn the cuff inwards for that neat and chic look. Bonus – it camouflaged a few sewing mishaps. The DIY path is all about embracing imperfections with style.

Crafty Holes and Ribbons – Where the Magic Happens

Next, two tiny holes for my white ribbon, and it’s ready for some cinching action. I threaded the ribbon, pulled it halfway through, and voila – restriction capabilities were achieved. A bit tricky, but hey, crafting is an adventure, right?

Crafty drawstring bag created from repurposed jeans.
Pink jeans pencil bag with white ribbon closure.
Sewn drawstring bag using recycled materials - a crafty delight!

Inside Out, Upside Down – Finishing Touches

Flip the bag inside out, fold over the edges, and cover that ribbon. A few straight pins secure the folded fabric, and with careful stitching, the drawstring area gets its final touch. Mind the edges; you wouldn’t want to accidentally seal your masterpiece shut!

DIY pencil bag made from old jeans - functional and stylish.

Knots and Singed Ends – Seal the Deal

Last leg of our crafting journey – knot the ends of your chosen drawstring. My white ribbon got a good four or five knots, and a gentle singe secured them together. A final flip, and there it is – your DIY drawstring pencil bag, ready to dazzle!

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Handcrafted drawstring pouch from recycled denim material.

Why You’ll Love Your DIY Drawstring Pencil Bag

Believe me; this bag is a game-changer. Not only does it snugly fit all my supplies, but it’s also Ava-approved for her little creative essentials. The best part? It slips right into your purse, making it a crafting companion on the go.

Artistic drawstring bag for art supplies

Crafting Happiness, One Bag at a Time

So, here’s to Fridays filled with creativity and the pure joy of DIYing. Grab those old jeans, dive into the crafting zone, and let the magic of DIY drawstring pencil bags add a touch of fun to your day!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Aaaahhhhhh! I love this tutorial because it’s clear, easy, and it involves many of my obsessions—pouches, storage, organization, upcycling! I have so many pouches, and IMNSO, you can’t have too many! I can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

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