Build a DIY Reclaimed Wood Desktop Organizer Affordably

Organizing can sometimes be a little difficult, but with this DIY reclaimed wood desktop organizer it’ll definitely assist you to accomplish this feat!

diy wood storage organizer

How to Organize Pens and Pencils

I have another confession, and that is that I have a slight obsession with drawing and painting materials. There are a few must-haves that I will always keep in stock in the studio, but I’m always looking for new items to explore with.

With that being said, I’ve kind of accumulated quite a collection! I’ve tried storing them in drawers, pouches, containers, etc., but I’ve found that I tend to forget about the variety of awesomeness that I’ve purchased when they aren’t out in the open. So, I figured there is only one solution. I will have to create a DIY reclaimed wood desktop organizer to fix this dilemma.

Make Your Own Desktop Organizer

Here’s how I made it, and how you can make one too.


This is what you will need:

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Mason jars
  • Nails
  • Plywood for the backboard
  • Wood Glue


These are all the steps I took to make my wood desktop organizer.

1.) Decide how many mason jars you are going to use

First, I rounded up a few mason jars to help me keep all of my pens, pencils and markers organized. I don’t have a lot of room on my desk so I decided that four would be plenty!

Create this wood pencil holder in a few easy steps!

2.) Find reclaimed wood

Next, I went out to my reclaimed wood pile-of-wonderment, and selected a few beauties that will be used as the sides for my organizer.

The length and width of your boards will ultimately depend on the size of the mason jars that you will be using as well as what you might have on hand.

I decided on four quart size, wide mouth mason jars so they would stick out a little bit from my boards. You might not want your jars to “let it all hang out” so you’ll probably want to select the pint size version for yours. Just remember, this is YOUR project (if you decide to create one), and anything goes. I heart DIY projects!

3.) Choose a Backboard

You don’t necessarily need to have a backboard to create this project, but I’ve found in the past that it will most definitely help keep everything nice and sturdy. As you can see in this picture I’ve cut out my board into a square, but if you have more room on your desk you could also do this organizer as a rectangle. Whatever’s clever!

4.) Decide the shape and size of your organizer

This shape and size was created by:

  • placing my mason jars on top of it
  • loosely draw a square slightly bigger then where they were resting onto the backboard
  • removing the mason jars
  • using one of my reclaimed wood boards I drew out lines on my backboard to see where they would rest
  • placed the mason jars back on the backboard to see if I am correct with my sketches
  • if all is good, cut your square out to match your required dimensions

NOTE: Please, please, please make sure that all of your reclaimed wood boards have the same thickness, or that you have at least taken this difference into consideration. I didn’t do this on my first attempt. Oops!


5.) Cut the reclaimed boards

Then, cut out your side and inner boards to your required dimensions to be placed onto your backboard. Prior to gluing and nailing your boards together and into the backboard CHECK AGAIN that they will indeed fit nicely onto your board.

I won’t mention any names… ME… that didn’t do this during round 1 of this project.

6.) Glue and nail the boards to the backboard

After you checked your measurements again (wink, wink) go ahead and place your glue on the backboard, and then start nailing your sideboards in.


However, before you add the last board (just for fun) go ahead and place your mason jars into your organizer and make sure they fit nice and snug.

Everything good to go? Awesome! Nail in that last board.

That wasn’t too bad  now was it? Love it! Originally I thought I would want my desktop organizer to be displayed with the middle board going vertical, but I found that my mason jar on the upper left hand corner would slightly drift downwards with a little bit of weight. So, horizontal it was!

pencil holder organizer

Now, not only do I have a DIY reclaimed wood desktop organizer that works, but it’s pretty too!

Linda Zahora-Cathcart The Summery Umbrella

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend,

Pssttt…. Don’t forget to check out my DIY projects page chocked full of DIY and decorating goodness!
Organizing can sometimes be a little difficult, but with this DIY reclaimed wood desktop organizer it'll definitely assist you accomplish this feat!

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