8 Droolworthy Outdoor Porches You’ll Admire and Envy!

Have you been looking for droolworthy outdoor porches? Look no further! Check out all 8 of my favorites right now for all of your inspirational needs.

Have you been looking for droolworthy outdoor porches? Look no further! Check out all 8 of my favorites right now!

Truthfully, I’ve been struggling with designing my own “ideal” rustic and modern back porch ever since we finished painting the deck floors. I am so thankful for the huge wrap-around porch on the back of our house, but it has been a struggle to figure out how to place the furniture.

For instance, one side of our porch faces our pond which is obviously a focal point. However, I don’t want to restrict the flow of traffic with huge couches or tables facing that direction either.

I figured it was about time to look around and see what kind of layout inspiration I could find to help me with my dilemma. Have you ever looked for porch inspiration? Holy cow, I think I could have spent hours upon hours just gazing at all the eye candy!

My Favorite 8 Droolworthy Outdoor Porches:

One of my favorite things about this particular porch is the blueish-gray ceiling! Not to mention, the pop of color with the curtains and pillows just makes me crave a little color also on our porch. Can you even imagine how amazing it would be to look at this summery atmosphere all year round? Yup. definitely drooling.



Mismatches chairs, nature, and this adorable kitty-cat. Yup. I must have!



As a self-proclaimed plant fanatic, this porch sang to me! It makes me want to run out to the store and do the same thing on my porch! You can’t ever have enough plants, right?!

GP porch right


Simple. Sometimes less is more, and when I created this particular front porch scene I wanted my freshly painted deck to shine through! So, I used rustic and natural elements to allow it to become the focal point for everyone that visited. I still love that particular shade of blue that we choose!

droolworthy outdoor porch


Droolworthly Outdoor Porches to Love

I typically don’t go for cottage or shabby chic, but I just can’t help but be drawn to the light and airy colors. Not to mention, their choice of rustic accents has me swooning!



Comfort. It is absolutely my style when it comes to clothes, and this porch reminds me of my favorite jeans. I just want to grab one of my favorite books and cuddle up on this swing for a nice siesta!

outdoor porch rustic


Want this porch swing for your own home? Check out these similar beauties!

Yes! Don’t you just love the gorgeous shades of red that make this porch just burst out? I’m not typically a huge fan of red, but this porch might just change my mind…

droolworthy outdoor porch


The large windows and tall ceilings on this porch are calling to me! This is definitely a porch I could see myself spending hours reading and lounging in. Sigh. It’s so peaceful!



Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend full of fun, relaxation, and DIY projects 🙂

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This post was updated in May 2021.

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