Marker Mania: Why Art Markers are a Must-Have for Artists

Explore the world of art markers with this comprehensive guide, covering everything from beginner tips to advanced techniques. Perfect for artists of all levels!

Explore the world of art markers with this comprehensive guide, covering everything from beginner tips to advanced techniques. Perfect for artists of all levels! #ohuhu #artmarkers #ohuhumarkers #coloringbook #markerdrawing

{ Ohuhu 160 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers }

As most of you know, I love working on art pieces that can be included in and around the home. Nothing quite compares to a pop of color that I have had a hand in designing and creating myself. In fact, it’s my penchant for scrawling, scribbling, coloring, and painting on just about any available surface that brought me to my recent stumbling across the Ohuhu set of 160 dual-tip alcohol art markers. And what a happy find it was indeed! 

In today’s blog post, I will cover the basics of Ohuhu markers and why you should consider using them the next your creative juices are looking for an outlet!

Why Ohuhu Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers?

If I’m honest, markers aren’t my typical go-to art medium, so when I initially tried Ohuhu Markers,  I wasn’t expecting much. What a surprise I had! Instead of the streaky look most water-based marker brands create, Ohuhu Markers produce a super smooth, sleek, smudge-free effect! This was obviously something I was very interested in when busily creating a masterpiece even Da Vinci would envy, the last thing you need is irritating streaks. 

Okay, maybe my creative efforts are nowhere near the Mona Lisa, but even I’m willing to bet old Leonardo would have swapped out his thick oil paints for these Ohuhu Markers!

Why? Because this product, in my opinion, is pretty fantastic. Aside from the huge selection of colors available in this set of 160 markers, each marker produces a high-quality, vibrant hue capable of turning any art piece into a veritable masterpiece. So move over, Leo; it’s time to ditch the oils and try a little marker art instead! 

marker drawing, marker art, art markers

What are Ohuhu Dual Tip Markers?

Ohuhu Markers are alcohol-based, barrel-shaped pens with a chisel tip on one side and a bush tip on the other, hence the name ‘dual tip.’ These tip variations allow the artist more flexibility when working on a piece with a high level of detail or for filling in larger areas. The fact that each pen has a dual tip is ideal, as you can interchange how you use the pen without having to purchase additional markers. 

These art markers come in a broad range of colors, and this particular set contains 160 blendable color variations. The only color you may miss when using these markers is dark brown, but you can either blend markers or adapt your artwork to include multiple mediums, such as acrylic paint, to achieve the exact hue you require. At least that’s what I did anyway! 

Watch and Learn: A Live Demonstration of Creating Art with Markers

Where & How to use Ohuhu Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers 

Whether making a calendar, to-do notice, or simply creating a colorful art piece to display in your house, this pack of art markers will not disappoint. 


Firstly, using the right paper is essential, as Ohuhu Markers, while quick drying, can bleed through standard printer paper, especially when blending. Furthermore, getting a good result is only achieved using the right art materials. While the Ohuhu brand sells various sketchbooks that complement this art marker product, but my absolute favorite type of paper is Canson’s XL Mixed Media with a smooth grain (surface) to be quite lovely. 

marker art using art markers


These Ohuhu Markers have fine and chisel ends, aka dual tips, as mentioned earlier, which can be interchanged while working to achieve the right level of coverage you need. In addition, it’s worth noting that if the tip becomes a little frayed from overuse (we all have a favorite color, no judgment!), it can be reversed. Removing the tip from the barrel and reinserting it the other way around provides you with a brand-new non-frayed tip. 


One of the primary benefits of Ohuhu Markers is that each color can be blended to create a hue that suits your bespoke art project. This might sound a little daunting at first, but it’s really easy and a lot of fun. Simply pick up a piece of paper and start mixing colors to your heart’s content! Of course, you may want to keep track of which markers you used; more tips on this a little later. 

The Ohuhu Color Wheel

Each marker has a number, for example, one of my favorite shades of olive green is 98.

The Ohuhu marker set that I’ve been using includes both a color wheel with the complete number and color block, but they also include a blank grid as well.

Personally, I kind of like having both versions because sometimes colors just look different when you scribble a patch of color into each square rather than seeing it on the printed color sheet. See below for a picture!

ohuhu art markers color swatch

Ohuhu Colorless Blender

When I’m elbow-deep in an art creation, I can sometimes be a little too exuberant, which some might say is just the artist’s code for being too messy. Personally, I prefer to call it creative license! That said, it also means that after a little reflection, I sometimes wish I had a magic eraser to remove some of my enthusiastic efforts. Thankfully, Ohuhu also has, what I like to call the magic eraser genie, also known as the colorless blender. This little beauty dissolves any errors effortlessly, even days after the ink has dried.

Colorless Blender uses

  • Add highlighting, patterns, shading
  • Removes errors
  • Define edges 
  • Add texture 
ohuhu art markers

Final Thoughts

Using markers like Ohuhu Markers allows artists of all abilities to create quality artistic creations without any mess or fuss while enjoying a huge amount of fun! Who would have thought color blending was so easy to do?

Of course, whether you decide Ohuhu Markers are the right art medium for you is ultimately up to you. After all, art is an extremely personal interpretation, so it’s not a question of using the right or wrong medium, just the one that suits your style!

Happy blending, everyone! 

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  1. Love your gorgeous drawings!!! Can these markers be used on wood (pieces that have been cut from a laser)? Also what is the difference between “alcohol-based” markers and “water-based” markers?
    Thanks so much for your time and help.

    1. Good morning, Donna! Thank you so much and great questions! The main difference between alcohol-based markers and water-based markers is that the alcohol-based ones dry much quicker which means they won’t smudge like the water-based ones. Plus, alcohol-based markers blend so much easier than water-based ones giving your artwork that smoother and even tone. I’ve also heard alcohol-based markers called permanent markers which means if you get them on your clothing it would be a lot harder to get the stain out for sure!

      As for your other question about using them on wood… I can only remember a handful of times that I’ve used them on wood and depending on the wood you use the marker might cause a “bleed” effect. However, if you use a sealer prior to it should help significantly with that potential problem. I love using a light coat of Mod Podge’s Acrylic Sealer in Matte ( before and after I create anything on wood (usually for signs!).

      Hopefully this helps and happy crafting 🙂

  2. I’m trying so hard to NOT give in to the urge to buy some of these markers, yet here I am, swooning over your marker art! There’s something about the joyously vivid colors you used for your flowers that makes me happy! They look real, like I could reach down and pick them!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Mel! Not to mention, the sweet comments 🙂 I know I shouldn’t, but… you should totally buy these markers. They are very dreamy and worth every penny!!

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