6 Ways to Refresh During Frustrating Days

Have you been feeling overwhelmed or burnt out? Try these 6 Ways to Refresh During Frustrating Days to alleviate the stress in your life.

Do you ever go through a little spat or period of time where everything just seems to be going the complete opposite of what you were trying to accomplish?

You have? Oh good, me too!

I have been going through a crazy whirlwind of events these past few weeks that have left me feeling absolutely drained, frustrated, and confused beyond belief.

I’ll get so excited about a new product I’ve created and then I’ll start having some serious doubt or sinus headache issues. Then,  I’ll work so hard on a promotional campaign just to find out that it turned out to be a huge flop.

6 Ways to Refresh During Frustrating Days

Unfortunately these types of events are part of life and completely unavoidable. So, how do deal with them?

Well, there are many different ways. You can either decide to be positive and push forward or pity yourself. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably thinking that pushing forward is the only way, but when confronted with an overwhelming amount of dilemmas it can feel like you’ll never bounce back again.

However, here are 6 Ways to Refresh During Frustrating Days:

First things first. Assess the situation. Am I frustrated because I am burnt out? Tired? Sick? Hungry? Depressed? Overwhelmed?

1.) Stay hydrated. This might sound slightly silly, but honestly, dehydration is no joke and it can really put your body through a toll. Not to mention, if you’re upset (about anything!) being dehydrated is only going to make it worse and intensify your feelings. Not a huge plain water fan? Try this super refreshing rejuvenating detox drink. Trust me, you’ll be addicted and it’s awesome for you!

2.) Take a break or a nap. Honestly, I’m not a nap person, but I do believe in the power of relaxation. Read, practice your yoga, soak up some rays or even cuddle with your pup on your porch swing.

3.) Step away from the irritant. I say “irritant” because you know just as well as I do that it could be any number of situations that are bothering you. If your business or job is stressing you out try stepping away from the computer and go for a short walk. Not helping? Then maybe you need to take a personal day to give your brain a rest. Go to the beach, get your nails did (yes–I say did ๐Ÿ˜‰ or even go shopping if this helps you relax.

6 Ways to Refresh During Frustrating Days

4.) Write down your feelings. Sometimes I’ll feel stressed out, but I’m not even sure why. However, when I start writing down all of the things that are bothering me at the moment I always feel better just letting seeing the multiple reasons that I feel the way that I do. It even helps me understand if I’ve taken on a lot more than I can handle, and need to prioritize.

5.) Exercise. There are so many different forms of exercise so if you’re not a “go-to-the-gym” type of person, no worries. Trust me, I’m not either! You can run around your neighborhood, do a 30 minute exercise DVD (I highly recommend Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred–no, this is not an affiliate promo! It’s my go-to DVD), take your pets for a walk, play soccer with your kid(s), go swimming and the list goes on!

6.) Talk to someone you trust. This is by far my favorite suggestion on this list. Sometimes I feel like I can do everything on my own, or that I want to do it all on my own. However, that’s just plain stupid. I can’t and I shouldn’t, and neither should you! Find a close friend, family member or someone you can truly trust, and explain your situation. Not only will it feel better to release your feelings, but they could also provide you with some great advice on their own similar situations or even positive reinforcement.

The biggest thing you have to remember during these moments is to remind yourself that you’re not the only one that goes through these kinds of things, and that you can (and will!) get through this little spat.

Like I said, I just went through a rut myself, and it was one of the hardest that I’ve gone through in a long time. It sucked, but thankfully I have a great husband and bestie that helped pull me out of my negative thoughts, and back in my studio working my little hiney off like the crazy, creative entrepreneur that I am!

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