November Calendar: Desktop and Smartphone Backgrounds

See ya around, October! Hello November calendar, with your new and improved desktop and smartphone backgrounds. Don’t you look so festive with your marigold inspired pattern!

November Calendar: Desktop and Smartphone Backgrounds

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Do you love learning something new and different? I do believe that if I could (and had the time!)… I’d take a new class every week. I don’t necessarily mean anything like biology or calculus. Let’s be honest, I could barely pass those the first time around!!

I’m also not talking about learning for the sake of learning. I’m talking about educating yourself based on your likes and interests.

And that my friends, is what I live for! I love to find new art techniques to master, interesting facts about nature, and understanding how to use a new tool I’ve purchased to help my business.

For instance, just recently I learned how to vectorize my watercolor images in Adobe Illustrator. Can we say… mind blowing?! Wowzers that was fun, and don’t these gorgeous marigolds look fantastic in this repeating pattern for the November calendar? The essence of the watercolor texture really pulls the pattern out to a whole other level that I’ve never been able to accomplish before.

I’m so excited how well it all turned out, and that I now get to share these beauties with you!!

November Calendar: Desktop and Smartphone Backgrounds

Enjoy and see you again next Wednesday for another round of exclusive content and designs just for members like you!

Linda Zahora-Cathcart

Linda Zahora-Cathcart The Summery Umbrella

Please remember: All designs, images, patterns, and calendars (but are not limited to) are © Linda Zahora-Cathcart | The Summery Umbrella. These items are for personal use only. You may not reproduce, recreate, or sell in any way. However, please feel free to download for your own purposes. Also, this is exclusive content so you may not share these downloads with anyone, BUT if you have a blog I’d be most delighted if you directed your readers to this membership program. In fact, I’d be thrilled. 🙂  Thank you for your understanding!

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