Welcome to Our New House: Let the Adventure Begin!

Welcome, my friends! We’ve recently moved, and it’s time to show off the new house before I get my grubby little hands all over it. Cheers to this new adventure, new memories made, and the new-ness of it all!

{Front of the House}

There’s just nothing like a good ol’ iPhone photo to get this party started!

With that being said… welcome, to the new and improved Cathcart family home. It’s a little bit bigger than our last house, a-lot-a-bit newer, and in a gorgeous location that allows us to do the following:

  • put our daughter, Miss Ava, in an awesome school system
  • live in a neighborhood close to friends for both Ava and us grown-ups
  • fenced-in backyard for the pups
  • less poisonous snakes…. can we say, YAY!?!
  • closer to stores, shops, and in general, more people
  • still situated on the eastern coast of North Carolina with plenty of access to the water
  • plus, many, many, manyyyy other positives that would just take too long to type out.

{Side View of the Front of the House}

Did you know that the location we ended up at is where we originally wanted to be back in October? Isn’t that crazy?

It’s kind of funny how life throws you curveballs at every angle. When Mike’s first job AND our first offer on our old house fell through last year we were convinced that it was a sign. We weren’t supposed to move up here, and it was essential that we took our camper trip around the country.

{Open Concept: Family Room, Dining Room (to the far right), and Kitchen}

However, due to a million reasons (that can be found over here) we knew that the “traveling life” just wasn’t for us. Not to mention, we’ve recently sold the camper, but would still LOVE to get another one for short adventures in the future.

{Kitchen View from the Dining Room}

Looking for more home inspired projects?

{View from the Garage Looking into the Living Room}

Now, I will never, ever boast that I am a great photographer, but I have gotten better over the years with trial and error.

With that being said, I’m struggling with my photography skills in this new house. Learning how the light comes into all of our windows, and where I need to put my lighting kit will be a small challenge.

You would think with all of the ridiculous amount of windows in this house that natural lighting would be perfect at any time of the day. I probably should take another photography class concentrating on interior lighting… hmmm… anybody know of a good one?! I’m all ears!

{Master Bedroom}

{Master Bathroom}

I cannot even tell you how much I love our new master bedroom/bathroom. It’s a few feet bigger than our last one, and it makes my heart sing! Who knew how much more you can stuff in a room with just a few extra feet?

I’m thinking a reading nook will be … AH-mazing in the near future!

{Guest Room}

Do you have a room that you dread designing/decorating for?

For me.. it’s the guest room. I don’t even know why, but it’s a thorn in my side. Every time I walk into this room I tend to wrinkle my nose, quickly shut the door, and run (not walk) out the door.

You know what we should probably do?

Start from scratch.

White paint, new bedspread, new curtains… I bet that would help. Food for thought.

Welcome to Our New House: Let the Adventure Begin!

{Miss Ava’s Room}

{Up, up, up to the studio}

Remember how I was talking about lighting and struggling with getting it figured out? Well… the studio is definitely one of the locations that I have not yet mastered! I’m even too embarrassed to add any photos at this time. Yea… it’s that bad!

I promise. More photos of that beauty to come soon!

{Screened-in Back Porch}

And that’s a wrap! I just wanted to give you a taste of what you’ll be seeing more of, and where it all began.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and can’t wait to see you again very soon!

Pssttt…. Don’t forget to check out my Decorating projects page chocked full of DIY and decorating goodness!

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