Get Between These Sheets –Next Step in Our Master Bedroom Makeover

You heard me correctly. You definitely want to get between these sheets when you hear how AH-MAZING these beauties are!

If you’ve been keeping up with my last few posts you’ll know that I’ve decided to dive feet first into Mike and I’s master bedroom makeover. I’m not looking to spend my entire life savings on this adventure, but merely a quick facelift because let’s face it…

It needed one in a horrible way! If you didn’t see the beginning photos of this mess you’ll definitely want to check it out and see what I was originally working with.
So, the next step in this process was bedding. I have to admit… I’m kind of a picky little thing when it comes to sheets and comforters or duvets (in our case). While color and patterns are important to me I overall base my final decision on texture. It drives me absolutely bonkers to have a scratchy material touching my skin.

Get Between These Sheets –Next Step in Our Master Bedroom Makeover

Heaven forbid the material is wet. Has anybody ever walked around in wet clothes for more than a few minutes before? It is my worse nightmare.

This post and GIVEAWAY are sponsored by Perfect Linens.

Seriously. Walking around in wet jeans in chilly weather terrifies me. Jezzz… even I heard how lame that sounded! But it must be a phobia or something… right?! Anyways, I decided that I still loved my Pottery Barn duvet with a passion so fierce that it wasn’t going to be replaced, BUT a new bed skirt and sheets were very much needed. 

TIP: Make sure to measure for your bed skirt prior to purchasing all willy nilly–learn from my past mistakes 😉 

Thankfully that left me with just finding sheets, and I was immensely tickled when I found these super comfy beauties via Perfect Linens. Like I said earlier… what touches my skin needs to be comfy and also soft.And Perfect Linens Second Skin sheets are like heaven on your bed.

Not only will you want to curl up in between them at night, but almost at every chance, you have available! In fact, I just realized that is exactly what I am doing at this very moment while I’m typing this out! I’m not sure about you, but when I look for a new product I check out their reviews (to see what their customers are saying), and then I check out what they specialize in (for instance, are they an expert in their field or do they try to do it all?).

Get Between These Sheets –Next Step in Our Master Bedroom Makeover

What’s absolutely amazing about Perfect Linens is that they focus on ONE thing. That’s it. Just sheets, and let me tell you, they are AH-MAZING at it! I cannot stress enough how much you’ll love these sheets, and guess what? 

Perfect Linens has been extremely generous and is not only offering all of my readers 15% off any purchase with the following discount code: SunnyUmbrella15 BUT…. a giveaway also for a set of Second Skin sheets as well!! All you need to do is enter below. That’s it! No biggie 😉Here’s what I have left:

1.) came up with a plan

2.) painted the bed and dresser

3.) new sheets and  bedskirt (kept duvet)

4.)designed/created bedside tables

5.) updated the ceiling lighting and bedside lamps

6.) added a rug

7.) found new curtains

8.) added a little wall bling

Best of luck to all!!

Pssttt…. Don’t forget to check out my Decorating projects page chocked full of DIY and decorating goodness!

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