Check In On Your Friends With These 3 Simple, Heartfelt Gestures

This year, I realized how important it is to check in on your friends.

How? Well, Elmo, the beloved red monster, showed up on Twitter, formerly X, and tweeted, “How is everybody doing?” 

The responses from adults who had grown up watching Sesame Street were funny, sad, and even heartbreaking. But most importantly, they were insightful. That day, Elmo didn’t teach Gen Zs and Millenials like you and me something about the ‘Letter K’ or the ‘number three.’

Instead, Elmo taught us all an important life lesson: You need to check in on your friends.

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Are Relationship Check-ins Healthy?

As adults with work, parenting duties, a mountain of laundry, and a never-ending to-do list, it can be easy for us to overlook the people who are closest to us. From aging parents to neighbors tackling layoffs to a friend who may be going through a time!

This is why relationship check-ins aren’t just healthy but are critical for our mental health! And while the internet has made it easier to check in with your friends through social apps, texts, and emails, it’s also made it harder to connect and check in to see how they are really doing.

This year, I decided to change that. I want us to show up with ‘personalized’ gestures, and handwritten cards that are thoughtful and heartfelt. That’s why I launched my shop with 5 greeting cards and over 20 art prints that your friends and family will love!

3 Ways to Check In On Your Friends

Here are three simple but heartfelt gestures to help you check in on your friends, and no, they don’t require a fancy budget or lots of time. 

1. A Meaningful Gift to Say ‘I Miss You’

I admit it.

I’ve accidentally left messages from friends on read because they came at a time when I was driving or tackling a tantrum.

And since I was distracted, I thought I would respond to them when I got home, but then I got busy with other tasks and before I knew it, two weeks had passed. 

An ‘apology text’ after a two-week delay seemed pathetic, so I didn’t hit send on it, which made my friend think I’d ghosted her. 

That’s why this year, instead of texting, I decided to really check in on all my friends and send them a gift with an “I miss you card”.

None of my gifts were extravagant, but they were thoughtful and heartfelt. For example, Susan was obsessed with everything flamingo back in college, so I sent her a flamingo keychain with my ‘Miss you Greeting Card.’ 

She loved it and squealed with joy as she told me how her car keys make her smile and remind her of our friendship!

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2. Say ‘Get Well Soon’ with a Homemade Meal

While a phone call or a text message is nice, a simple gesture and an offer to help can truly make a friend feel loved! 

This year, check in on your friends with helpful, heartfelt gestures like sending over a homecooked meal or offering to babysit the kids. Drop by with a card and a basket of some store-bought snacks so that they can truly feel loved!

I’ve been adding little notes offering ways I can help in the Get Well Soon cards I drop off. This way, my friends are more likely to take me up on the offer.

Send a bundle of love and healing with this ‘Bunny Get Well Soon Greeting Card‘ I’ve just put up in my store. You can also shop ‘Thank you Greeting Card’ or my personal favorites for friends, ‘Hello, Lovely.‘ This card isn’t just about saying hello—it’s a celebration of connection, a reminder to reach out and connect with the people who matter most, and a tribute to the joy of friendship. 

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3. Show Up and Listen

Last but not least, checking in on your friends requires us to be present and walk in with the energy to truly listen. Often, we just call them when we want to vent, and this might make it harder for friends who struggle to communicate or ask for help.

Be sure to ask them how they’re doing and be present and comforting when they open up. 

Never forget that even the smallest acts of generosity and encouragement can have a profound impact on someone’s day. Regularly checking in with friends and demonstrating your concern for them not only strengthens your connections but also enhances their general well-being. 

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