Best of TSU the Rustic Christmas Edition

Best of TSU the Rustic Christmas Edition

Sometimes you just need a go-to guide that smacks you right in the face (especially during those last minute adventures that you never plan for!) that says,

“Hey. You. Yea… YOU! I’m just what you’ve been looking for. I contain a ton of AH-mazingly fabulous ideas for the holiday season, and you’re DEFINITELY going to need a few minutes (maybe even a few hours) to check it all out.

SOOO… stop everything you’re doing. Put down your cell phone. Trust me–it’ll still be there when you’re done. I promise that that one girl from high school who always posts too many pictures of her dogs on Facebook will still be posting oh-so-adorable photos of Fluffy rolling around the yard in a pile of leaves. Cross my heart. 😉

Don’t you wish EVERYTHING was that easy?! Sigh. One day. One day.

As promised, here’s my long list of all things rustic-y and Christmas-y brought to you via The Summery Umbrella.

Ah-hem. You’re welcome. 😉


ONE Rustic Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas | TWO Rustic Christmas Table Ideas | THREE Reclaimed Wood Snowman and Penguin | FOUR 25 Rustic DIY Christmas Decorations | FIVE Rustic Holiday Table Idea |SIX Rustic Holiday Front Porch Ideas | SEVEN DIY Arm Knitting Holiday Gift Idea | EIGHT How to Build a Vintage Sled | NINE DIY Christmas Ornaments | TEN Holiday Coffee Station Decor



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  1. hi LZ! your holiday DIYs are so so charming and beautiful!!! i love them ALL!! your style is natural and fresh and super creative, love love!! merry christmas my dear friend and a fabulous 2016!! xo

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