Our Before and After Home Tour: One Last Look

It’s time to take one last look at our gorgeous home before I introduce our brand new one. So, let me take you on our before and after home tour where it all began!

{AFTER: Front of House}

I feel like I should say something like…. well, helloooooo. Long time no see!

Or maybe even something more nonchalant and emotionless like… oh yeaaa, I’ve just been sooo busy! Didn’t have the time to get on here and interact.

But in all reality, the truth is… I just needed a break.

It’s hard to admit when you need a break, or even when you’re beyond burnt out. At least, that’s how it’s felt for the last year or so.

SPOILER ALERT: This is going to be one of those posts that’s full of emotion(s), and was definitely not planned within my usual very regimented editorial calendar. However, it spoke to me. I needed to write out my thoughts, feelings, and kind of remind myself that everything happens for a reason. And as one of my good friends constantly reminds me… everything is going to be ok.

before and after home exterior

{BEFORE: Front of House}

Our Before and After Home Tour: One Last Look

I didn’t do a very good job of vocalizing it, but my 2017 word of the year was trust, and boy, that completely backfired on me! Not only did I not trust my gut, trust my business, or even trust that everything would all work out… I also doubted myself. And that my friends, is where I went wrong.

With that being said, wowzers… 2017 was a very trying year.

I know that you’re probably thinking… uhhh… it’s May. Why are you talking about 2017… now?!

Well, I know this going to come as a shocker, but I’m actually a pretty private person. I bottle up a lot of my true feelings (and even my day-to-day operations) inside because I hate showing any sort of weakness.

Do I want to be portrayed as perfect? Absolutely not. However, I also do not want to be viewed as a bimbo or flaky, a typical dumb blonde, or whatever other horrible label that is often associated with a female who changes her mind on a regular basis and just so happens to have blonde hair.

kitchen remodel before and after

{AFTER: Kitchen}

Let me just start off by saying that I like selecting a word for each year. You know, the one word that will be your mantra for the next 365 days. Mine for 2018 is ADVENTURE, and let me just say… this year has not disappointed me and my family in any way!

So, I’m going to air out all of that dirty laundry in a timeline of events with bullet points. Because what says “Adventure” more than bullet points?! LOL. Here it goes!


  • July-ish: My husband (Mike) and I started talking about our future. For instance, is it smart for us to both be small business owners of two completely different businesses? Not to mention, we wanted to be in a better school district for Miss Ava.
  • July-ish: We started looking for “normal” jobs because we thought it would be the “right” and most consistent environment for our daughter.
  • mid August: Mike was offered a position in a town 2 hours north of where we currently lived.
  • early September: Mike decided to take the new position, and we put our house up for sale “by owner”. I made a goal of selling it in 30 days or less.
  • mid September: We received two great offers on our home, picked the “safest” offer, and then signed the contract to close at the end of October.
  • mid September: Within a day of receiving and accepting our own offer we found a suitable home to purchase, put in an offer, and then signed the contract to also close at the end of October.
  • mid October: Mike’s job falls through, but I receive a job offer that I accept (even though I am sick to my stomach about it).
  • the week of closing (end of October): After a ridiculous amount of drama with our selected “safest” offer they decided to terminate. I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful we were (and still are!) that it didn’t work out. Within a day we terminated our contract with our new home since closing would be impossible within the required two week period.
  • early November: We put the house back up for sale, and by that weekend we had three offers! This time around we selected our buyer based on our gut. Seriously. We wanted the least amount of drama, and we were very up front and honest about anything and everything.
  • early December: I decline my job offer. Once again, my gut was telling me that it wasn’t the time. Then, Mike and I finalize the decision to buy a camper and travel around the country for a year. Everyone is super psyched, and we find a motorhome within our budget!
  • mid December: Thankfully this time around the selling process went as smoothly as it could possibly go, and we closed on time and in good spirits.
dining room before and after

{AFTER: Dining Room}

  • end of December: Holy china cabinets and guacamole syrup. This particular two week timeframe was by far the most trying of this entire experience. Let me just put it this way. If something could go wrong… yup. It happened to us!
  • A.) Our selected motorhome doesn’t work out. We were taking it on one last test drive to ensure everything was good to go, and go figure… there are countless mishaps. We ended up sitting at the dealership for the ENTIRE DAY with no answers. We left that evening with heavy hearts, empty bellies, and countless cuss words rattling around in our heads. WTH.
  • B.) Mike and I take a day just to think it all out, next steps, and decide to purchase a reliable vehicle that can tow a travel trailer.
  • C.) Woo hoo! We trade in both of our vehicles and find a gorgeous truck, with low miles, and in our budget. Go us!
  • D.) We travel to four different camper dealerships… we can’t find a camper we like. Here comes the roller coaster of emotions again! SIDE NOTE: I am not a waterworks kind of girl. I rarely cry, and let me tell you… this week alone made me cry a few times.
  • E.) At the last minute (literally, it was 15 minutes before this dealership closed) we found our camper! Woo hoo!
  • F.) We arrange to finalize all the details the next day. Everything is going well…
  • G.) We are well aware that the tires on the camper will need to be replaced, but since it was so late when we picked it up we can’t make an appointment until the next morning.
  • H.) However, we figure we can make the 30 minute drive to our storage unit to pick up all our necessary items we’ll need on our ADVENTURE!
  • I.) Apparently 30 minutes was too much for the tires. Ugh. We’re stranded on the side of the road… by our old neighborhood. Seriously. I can’t make this up! Thankfully we manage to get the camper to our former neighbor’s house, and sleep in the camper, in their yard, right next to our old house. Do I even need to explain how weird that is?!
  • J.) Let’s fast forward a little bit. Tires installed, stuff in camper, pick up Ava and the dogs from our friend’s house, and then get on the road.
  • K.) Not only do Mike and I want to travel around the country, but we also wanted to check out this foreclosure in Kentucky. How do I feel about all this….? Uh… I’m going with the flow.
  • L.) We find a cozy campground close to this foreclosure and end up looking at a few homes. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Eastern Kentucky is scary. I apologize in advance if you’re originally from this side of the state, but yea, I have never seen so much trash in people’s front yards in my life. I’m not talking one or two random houses. I’m talking…. everywhereeeeeeee (yards, rivers, side of the road, etc). Not to mention, the curvy, mountainous roads are not for the easily frightened. I, my friends, am easily frightened.
  • M.) Long story short, Ava and I put our feet down and explain to Mike that this location is just not for us. Not now, or in the near future. Thankfully, he understands.
  • N.) We head up to our parents’ houses in Indiana and Illinois for the holiday season. We get to explore the “fun times” of snow and ice that can be had while living in a camper! Have I ever mentioned my thoughts on snow before? I’ll save that story for another time!
front entrance before and after

{AFTER: Front Entrance}

living room before and after

{AFTER: Living Room}

Our Before and After Home Tour: One Last Look


early January: We are absolutely and thoroughly sick of the cold. I know, I know. It’s only January. We head to Universal Studios for a week while North Carolina has crazy snow storms and cold weather.

mid January: We are well aware at this point in time that camper life is not for everyone. In other words, our country road trip is officially terminated. Yikes… it’s only two weeks into 2018, and we already are having a whirlwind of a time! We’re sick of the cold weather, the small confining space of the camper, and ready for a schedule again. So, what do we do? We decide that finding “normal” jobs and getting Ava back in school is our best bet at providing a little more consistency in our lives. Since our original plan was to head on up to Havelock, NC it’s quickly determined that is where we shall go. Ava starts school at the school of our choice within a week.

mid February: We’re still living in our camper on a campground, BUT Mike finds/starts a job and we’re able to now go house shopping! Within a week we find a new gorgeous home, place a bid, and go under contract.

end of March: Yay!! We closed on our house, and we sigh with such relief. It’s only a few months into the year, and I feel like I’ve learned countless lessons on the importance of family, friends, security, consistency, and oh yea, space! I’m pretty sure I look like I’ve aged about 10 years in the past few months.

April: Relief. Relaxation. Organizing. Decorating. Painting. Drawing. Excitement. Happiness. Joy. The countless emotions running through all of us is ridiculous.

guest bathroom before and after

{AFTER: Guest Bathroom}

master bathroom before and after

{AFTER: Master Bath}

master bedroom before and after

{AFTER: Master Bedroom}

kids room before and after

{AFTER: Ava’s Bedroom}

back porch before and after

{AFTER: Back Porch and Pond View}

home rehabs before and after

So, that’s where we are now. In a new home, full of stories from the past few months, excited for the remainder of the year, ready to conquer the world, and realizing how lucky we are.

And you know what?

I wouldn’t change a single thing. Everything happens for a reason, and this is our story. One day we’ll look back, laugh and giggle, roll our eyes, and decide that it was the greatest adventure of all.

SIDE NOTE: I’ll definitely be posting more regularly again. You know, now that I’ve broken the ice and all! But, it’s safe to say that it’ll probably only be one to two times a month.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and can’t wait to see you again very soon!

Pssttt…. Don’t forget to check out my Decorating projects page chocked full of DIY and decorating goodness!

It's time to take one last look at our gorgeous home before I introduce our brand new one. So, let me take you on the before and after home tour where it all began! #homedecor #hometour #homerenovations

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